Beyond deploy - invisible devops and my story with kubernetes

My first contact with kubernetes was by the end of 2015, more because of Go than the clunky orchestration system. At the time my company was looking to a PaaS that could help ease the life of our developers and after trying mostly everything we’ve decided to start a project called Teresa to create an abstraction over k8s. Turns out that implementing and maintaining kubernetes can become a full time time job that never ends - the very thing that ops complain about devs. In the middle of this complexity, entire teams feed of this complexity and building automation with the proper pipeline might take a long time and still feel clunky. Fast forward to Nubank - kubernetes power a platform that serves 15MM customers and what struck me is what happens after building your deploy pipeline is not a problem or a full time project anymore.


Gleicon Moraes

I’ve been working with dev and ops teams for more than 20 years, looking into culture dynamics that power these teams. I’ve wrote two books - “Programação Avançada em Linux - 2005” and “Caixa de ...