193 Easy Steps to DevOpsing Your Monolith

Is it possible to enable the evolution of a monolith? After a hugely expensive (financially and culturally) failed attempt at a complete rewrite, Ticketmaster is attempting to do just that, bounce back and evolve the monolith that is Ticketmaster’s core ticketing platform. This multi-year effort requires striking a delicate balance between showing appropriate respect for the platform’s highly profitable 45 plus year history while not allowing past success to blind us to demands of a highly dynamic market of fans, artists, venues, and more. This is not a session about best practices for devopsing your monolith; this session is the true (and at times ugly) story of one company’s journey towards a more flexible, adaptable, and easily maintainable architecture supported by a culture that prizes learning and respect above all else.



Cat Swetel

Cat is an engineering manager with experience applying Agile and lean principles in a variety of settings: from startups to large enterprises, warehouses to web, etc. She is passionate about ...