Bjorn Edwin

Bjorn Edwin is a DevOps Consultant at Liatrio and he has been one of the leaders in accelerating software delivery for our Clients, focusing on uplifting executive, managers and teams and help them transform culture, process and tools to enable DevOps way of working. He leads all of our Dojo design & delivery across all clients, providing a unique experience for people at various levels.

Bjorn’s professional world has been completely in and around Technology right from school till Liatrio and have performed several roles at various levels. He comes with strong transformation experience specializing in Agile, ATDD/BDD, Automation, CI/CD & DevOps implementation with cultural evolution. He has launched enterprise automation practices to transform software delivery at major financial institutions, coached engineers, teams and leaders on advanced engineering and cultural transformation.

He strongly believes in connecting and collaborating with people to empower them to solve problems and therefore creating an impact and making a difference with technology.

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Bjorn Edwin at Tampa Bay 2019