Monorepo – The Zip Way

“Monorepo or not” is one of the biggest dev community debates for a long time. Polyrepo always works, but it can never get better. Monorepo on the other hand can be either terrible or great depending on how you implement it. Google, Facebook, Twitter store all their code in a single version control system repository. Surely if these high scale companies use a monorepo should all other companies

When i first Joined ZipRecruiter and learned that the company uses a monorepo, i thought “Wow thats weird, probably a legacy policy we can’t get away from.” But soon I learnt that it is no mistake, and not only that, the company actually benefits from this. In this talk I will explain the reason we choose this implementation of git, the downsides and how we mitigated them, and the benefits that propel our company forward technologically