Rick and (Post)Morty

Whether you’ve watched the show or not, you are probably aware of the phenomenon that is called Rick and Morty.

Though it may seem like yet another animated TV show, it actually deals with various issues and conflicts and holds some enlightening life lessons.

The show follows the adventures of a brilliant Senior Principal engineer and his Junior mentoree, as they face interesting challenges, not too far from the ones we encounter in our day to day work.

During the talk, we’ll share how binge-watching Rick and Morty taught us valuable lessons, reminded us of fundamentals already forgotten and pushed us to be better engineers by adding some crazy sauce.



Erik Zaadi

I’m a Team Leader at BigPanda, also dwelling in our Community efforts. I’ve been doing software development for over a decade. Addicted to automating ALL THE THINGZ, from CI to opening doors. DadPun advocate. PagerDaddy.daniel-korn

Daniel Korn

In his current role, Daniel is an Engineering Team Lead at BigPanda, also leading the company’s community and open source efforts. Daniel has spent the past 7 years building products in the ...