Lies Enterprise Architects Told Me

Lets face it - we are all liars. We often lie unintentionally and most of all - we lie to ourselves. I’ve spent the last 10 years working with enterprise architects intent on modernizing their data infrastructure, and I’ve heard many “facts" that turned out to be… less than perfectly accurate. Self-deception about state of the industry, our requirements and our capabilities can lead us to make bad choices, which leads us to build bad architectures and often leads to bad business outcomes.

If you say or hear phrases like “we have big data”, “we don’t have big data”, “this business app must be real-time” and “hybrid-cloud doesn’t exist” - you may work for an organization that can use a bit of reality check. In this talk, Gwen Shapira, principal data architect at Confluent, will share common enterprise architecture myths that did not survive contact with reality and offer some advice on how to design good data architecture given our inherent capacity for self-deception.



Gwen Shapira

Gwen Shapira (LinkedIn) is a system architect at Confluent and a committer on Apache Kafka. She works on making Apache Kafka better every day. She has 15 years of experience working with code and ...