devopsdays Tel Aviv - Sponsor

We greatly value sponsors for this open event. If you are interested in sponsoring, please drop us an email at [[email protected] ].

devopsdays is a self-organizing & volunteer-led conference for practitioners that is by the community for the community, and is funded through sponsorships & ticket sales.

The best thing to do is send engineers to interact with the experts at devopsdays on their own terms.

Sponsorship Packages
4000 USD
7500 USD
12000 USD
(2 Available)
Booth/table space
Small Table
Large Table
X-Large Space
Logo on event website
Logo on slides (during breaks)
Shared Slide
Shared Slide
Standalone Slide
Logo on all email communication 
Tickets Included
42" Monitor
Badge Scanner
10 Minutes Opening Words (Each Day)  

There are also opportunities for add-on & marketing sponsorships. If you are interested in these sponsorship opportunities or have a creative idea about how you can support the event, send us an email.

You can find more information in our sponsorship prospectus, or contact the organizers for more information.