devopsdays Tokyo - sponsor

Sponsoring Tokyo DevOpsDays will not only show that you support DevOps in Japan, but will give you the opportunity to network and build relationships with developers, IT executives, Ops, DevOps, and managers within the Japanese IT community.

There are three sponsorship levels.

Bronze Sponsor (¥100,000)

Your logo will be on the website and in printed materials that show sponsors (like, banners or brochures). This gives you an opportunity to get your name in front of the audience as support DevOps in Japan.

Silver Sponsorship (¥300,000)

In addition to the bronze benefits, a table will be provided in the foyer. This will give you the opportunity to talk to attendees.

Gold Sponsorship (¥600,000)

As the top-billing sponsorship, the above benefits will be included as well as a 5-minute company introduction. But it mostly shows attendees you are strongly supporting DevOps in Japan.


DevOpsDays Tokyoのスポンサーシップのメリットは、日本国内でのDevOpsの啓蒙、普及に寄与するだけでなく、日本のDevOpsコミュニティを支えている開発/運用管理のスペシャリストとのネットワークを作り上げ、強化していく事ができます。 3つのスポンサーシップレベルを用意しています。

ブロンズ スポンサー:10万円


シルバー スポンサー:30万円


ゴールド スポンサー:60万円)