On-Call in a World Full of Toil

Teams are moving further away from the traditional “find it and fix it” method of handling how systems fail. In this talk we’ll take a look at how the SRE movement in technology is looking to reduce toil for teams and making their lives in “On-Call” more reasonable.

Thanks to conversations I’ve been able to have with the podcast, “On-Call Nightmares” I have been able to collect a number of data points to look at the impact of toil and what it does to people on an individual level.

This talk will discuss how teams define:

  • Toil
  • It’s impact
  • Budgeting time
  • Tools to help identify toil

Attendees will walk away with a greater understanding of what toil is in the world of distributed systems and how they can work to reduce it within their workplace.



Jay Gordon

Jay Gordon is a Senior Cloud Ops Advocate with the Microsoft Azure Advocates. He and the rest of the Advocacy team are focused on helping Developers and Ops teams get the most out of their cloud ...