Continuous Stability Engineering - Minimizing Chaos

You wouldn’t think you can put the words Reliability and Chaos Engineering together but Suzan’s talk will showcase how Chaos engineering improves system resilience through controlled experiments, exposing the inherent threats in our system before they manifest in production and have a much larger impact. We see that Chaotic engineering has an image problem, it has the reputation that you purposefully break production and that chaotic engineering is cowboy engineering but the true and best practices detangles your complex production systems and readies your systems, ensuring reliable, resilient environments. This talk will review what is chaotic engineering, how to ready your systems for chaotic engineering, and the importance of containment.



Suzan Mahboob

Suzan Mahboob is a part of the SRE Cloud Engineering Team at TD Bank, supporting TD’s public and private Cloud platforms. She enjoys everything Infrastructure Innovation! She is an active ...