Tactical whimsey injection: Leveraging fun to get work done

Who doesn’t love a good time? Besides The Man™, of course. But what if there was Business Value© in cat gifs and Synergy® in LOLs? In this talk, I’ll outline four ways you can leverage levity to Get Stuff Done℠.


  1. As long as you’re actually accomplishing stuff, people just plain like working with fun folks (this is the easy one)

  2. Embedding fun links incentivizes readers to read everything (or form-filler-out-ers to fill out your survey)

  3. Saying “Please” and “Thank you” with cute animals gets you better support service

  4. Blowing bubbles engages your parasympathetic nervous system (the anti-fight-or-flight response)!



Tiffany Longworth

Tiffany Longworth is a Site Reliability Engineer at Zapproved. She has launched successful projects large and small, but has also worked on projects that were spectacular failures! She likes using her ...