Forming 5 Habits for TDD Adoption in 30 Days

Humans tend to prioritize the urgent more than the important. Test Driven Development (TDD) is an important process that is known throughout the agile community and embraced as a testing best-practice. The test-first development methodology codifies your design and acceptance criteria and helps teams to maintain project scope and improve both productivity and quality. However, for all the discussion and talk, most developers and organizations do not fully adopt the practice, because they are busy prioritizing the urgent such as deadlines and cutting costs. Between the often inadequate dedication to the practice and the lack of training and understanding for TDD, very few organizations are able to break old habits to fully adopt this methodology. How do we change our mindset to prioritize TDD? This presentation will explore the human nature of changing old and creating new habits based on Charles Duhigg’s book, the Power of Habit. Like any type of habit, whether it be exercising or practicing an instrument, TDD is ultimately just a group of habits adopted by a business. Learn five tips that will help you adopt TDD in 30 days and build a sustainable culture across your organization!




Haruka Konishi

I am a young professional that is passionate about testing and has been involved in different testing processes in hackathons, companies, and organizations. I enjoy reading books and studying about ...