Catching the wave: Moving Applications to Containers at Enterprise Scale

FINRA moved large number of applications running on-premise and on EC2s to containers, in order to gain consistency in environment configuration, enable continuous deployment and utilize cloud resources in cost-effective manner. This session highlights key migration challenges and reference patterns in securely deploying monolithic web applications and microservices on to AWS ECS/Fargate.

Key takeaways:

  • Handling Large volume of applications migrating to containers and AWS ECS/Fargate

  • Desired Architecture Patterns

  • Infrastructure Automation

  • Best practices for Docker Images management

  • Built-in compliance and security

  • Training and Rollout strategies across the organization.

  • Video

  • Slides




Latha Nagaraj

Latha Nagaraj is Architect at FINRA, engineering and architecting new cognitive technologies & cloud concepts into FINRA’s DevOps products. Latha’s journey has evolved from being a core enterprise ...