How we killed DevOps by creating a dedicated DevOps team

In the early days of Netguru, we were a bunch of developers and didn’t even think of having a dedicated ops role - life was simple and easy. The company grew, so did our requirements and challenges, and that’s why we’ve decided to change this by introducing The DevOps Team. That’s also how we’ve entered a very dangerous path with a lot of obstacles related to technology, people, and culture.

This presentation is about real scenarios which we’ve encountered and the way we handled them. This is a story about money, expectations, tickets, sweat, and long hours spent making everybody happy. If you’re thinking of hiring a “DevOps Specialist”, then this talk is just for you. Don’t wake up one day and realise that there’s a team in your organisation which takes your focus and energy in the wrong direction.




Adam Nowak

I'm a dedicated, goal-driven individual, leveraging my experience to empower other fellow professionals. Nothing makes me feel better than the success of my team! I like to keep things clean and ...