From DevOps to NoOps?

Traditional “Ops” tasks such as provisioning VMs in on-premises data centers, configuring load balancers and firewalls, performing manual deployments, or configuring application-level monitoring and alarming are subject to significant automation efforts by many companies. On top of that, modern public clouds such as AWS, Azure, or OCI provide a plethora of tools and features that aim at increasing IT productivity even further. More precisely, (cloud-based) automation reduces the human resources needed to run and maintain software. Are we evolving from DevOps to NoOps?

This talk aims at answering this question by discussing a selection of the most important established (e.g., Kubernetes) as well as prospective (e.g., serverless) cloud-based tools and techniques. For each presented technology, the talk draws conclusions on what DevOps skills will gain/loose importance in the future. Finally, the talk combines the individual results and presents a “cloud-native DevOps engineer” profile.



Albert Noll

Albert Noll received his PhD from ETH Zurich in Software Engineering (Compiler Design) in 2013. Subsequently, Albert joined the Java Product group (Oracle) where he worked as a compiler engineer in ...