Dos and Don'ts in the DevOps Transformation

I made mistakes and had experiences of success in over ten years leading Dev and Ops Teams, building DevOps Teams and coaching Companies within their DevOps Journey.

I want to present my experiences as well as Dos and Don'ts I derived for myself. Questions I focus on are:

  • How to support people in taking more responsibility?
  • How to support engineers in being more curious about new technologies and ways of working?
  • Automation in a legacy environment, is it worth it?

The goal of the talk is that everybody in the audience, if she is in a leadership, engineering or coaching role, can take at least one behavioral pattern and try its application in his daily work.



Bastian Bukatz


Automation is my passion. In my current role at IPT I help our clients throughout their DevOps journey combining my software development, operations and leadership skills addressing the technological