Retros are the New Black: How to Cultivate Continuous Improvement Across Teams

Raw engineering talent is important to achieve business and product needs; however, it is also important to make space to improvement team dynamics in order to maximize the effectiveness of individuals and maintain emotionally healthy working environments. One tactic to achieve this is to organize team retros on a regular cadence.

Retros, when executed properly, empower individuals to give and receive blameless honest feedback. Done wrong or not at all, resentment can build and lead to a toxic engineering culture. In this talk, learn techniques to build inclusive environments, enable reflection and open communication, and motivate teams to take action. Walk away with a plan for implementing retros with your team. Take your first step towards continuous improvement.

This talk will be particularly beneficial to engineers who shape team dynamics or one in a position to introduce a new process to a team. Depending on how one's team is organized, this includes Product Managers, SCRUM masters, or an aspiring team lead. Attendees will learn what a retro is, and best practices for how to introduce, moderate, and follow up on retros within their company.



Jacqueline Sloves

Jacqueline Sloves is a Software Engineer at ClassDojo, an app that connects millions of parents, teachers, and students around the world. She holds a bachelor’s in Philosophy and Environmental ...