Workshop: Why Testing is fundamentally different in DevOps than Classic Projects

The world is changing. You went away from waterfall and plan-driven development to doing agile. But why does agile not work? Why are you not faster and better and happier? You installed Scrum Masters, you have boards for Transparency, you have a Definition Of Done and you use Story Points. But did you really change your way of working?  If a team believes they are agile, but nothing has changed about the way they test, they are probably not there yet. Testing in an agile setup is completely different than in a classical project.

In this workshop, we dive into the topic of testing. We will not focus on practicing TDD or other practices but more on the principles of early and quick feedback and root cause analysis. With 5 guiding principles about the agile testing mindset, we find ways and things to take home and experiment for your organization.

I will run the workshop with my co-host Patrick Baumgartner.



Peter Gfader

Peter Gfader works as trainer and technical agile coach, where he helps people, teams, and organizations to build and deliver exciting products. The drive for improvement (and the smell of coffee) ...patrick-baumgartner

Patrick Baumgartner

Patrick Baumgartner works as a passionate software crafter, coach and trainer at 42talents. He works with people to create beautiful and simple solutions and enjoys building software for the cloud