Five ways to screw up your DevOps Transformation

There is no such thing as a perfectly scripted and executed transformation. No matter what the consultants have promised you, it is a bumpy and unpredictable road. Instead of sharing the success stories and what went well, this is a story about failure. Which mistakes have been made in transforming organizations towards a new and sexy way of working? What went wrong, and why? And what can we learn from such epic fails? Over the past years, Dave has been part of numerous change initiatives in all sorts of organizations. The transformation these organizations have gone (and still are going) through are mostly based on agile and DevOps promises, involving all relevant organisational domains, such as business operations, product development, IT operations and support teams. This talk will give you honest insights into organizational change, epic failures and practical guidance how to turn your transformation into a success.



Dave van Herpen

Dave is an independent transformation consultant, who has supported companies like Heineken, BMW, Bosch, Rabobank and Emirates in their agile and DevOps journeys. In his current role as Head of Agile ...