Engineering under the watchful eyes of over half a million hackers - Secure Coding at HackerOne

Every developer needs to know how to write secure code. As the world becomes more digital, security is becoming increasingly important. HackerOne is a company with a community of over 700,000 hackers, who report security vulnerabilities on their platform. Having that many hackers so close to potentially critical (and valuable!) information means that keeping the HackerOne platform secure is of the utmost importance. Over the years, HackerOne has implemented different methods of promoting secure coding practices and ensuring platform security at different stages of the devops lifecycle. In this session, Karen will show you how HackerOne has embedded security and writing secure code into their organization’s devops lifecycle using over 25 methods, and how you can apply these to your organization. She will cover both tooling and developer best practices. If you are interested in writing secure code or promoting secure coding practices at your organization, you won’t want to miss this talk!



Karen Sijbrandij

Karen Sijbrandij is a Senior Software Engineer at HackerOne. She will show you what methods HackerOne has implemented to promote secure coding practices and how they ensure platform security. Karen recently moved to San Francisco.