Business-IT relationship therapy

The relationship between business and IT has always been a source of concern. Business people blame IT people of speaking techno-babble, being bureaucratic and slow, and not having a clue of business needs. In turn, IT people accuse business people of never knowing what they want, always changing their minds, and blaming IT when it’s their own fault. Learn about constructive behaviour that each party would like the other party to exhibit. Do you want to listen and change, or do you want to be right and sulk? This is a summary of the findings from 21 workshops in 16 countries, in which more than 500 participants explored the business-IT relationship and identified desired behaviours to improve collaboration.



Mark Smalley

Mark Smalley, also known as The IT Paradigmologist, thinks, writes and speaks extensively about IT ‘paradigms’ – in other words our changing perspectives on IT. Mark is Content Architect ...