devopsdays Boston - Virtual Event Details

DevOpsDays Boston is a fully virtual event this year. All talks will be streamed via Hopin.

We are keeping the original date of September 29th. We are also dedicated to keeping the core spirit of DevOpsDays events: interactive, inclusive, collaborative, and driven by participants rather than organizations.

Participant Experience

Registered attendees will be able to join the interactive participant experience, which will take place on the Hopin platform. All discussion for the event will be held on Hopin, with the speakers, sponsors, and other participants.

Hopin is a highly customizable, highly interactive chat and video platform.


We will be keeping the community engaged by changing our format: rather than a day of 30-minute talk sessions, we will instead be hosting 10 20-minute talks immediately followed by a 20-minute moderated Q&A with the speaker. We will be mixing live questions from the audience in as well.

Following each talk, we’ll create a breakout session that we encourage any attendees looking to further the conversation to attend.

Breakout Sessions

Multiple breakout sessions will be held throughout the day, and all participants are encouraged to attend. Breakout sessions will be held in Hopin. All breakouts are participant-driven content, and will follow the familiar “rule of mobility” allowing participants to join and interact with whichever topics they choose. All breakout sessions will have a moderator.

Day of Event

The event will flow from 20 minute talks to 20 minute Q&A sessions which open to a breakout session after each talk. Participants will propose breakout topics and organizers will group people and topics together with a moderator. See our schedule for more details.

We also want DevOpsDays Boston to be fun! Organizers are planning several entertaining options that have only become possible as a virtual event.

More than anything, we want to keep DevOpsDays going. Join us for an event that we hope will be both local, universal, and keeps the spirit of in-person DevOpsDays.