Creating An Open-Source Culture In A Closed-Source Company

Open-source software can create a great community of supporters and contributors, but management often has trouble seeing past the lack of revenue. There are ways to still get the positive culture of open-source software without having to commit the entire organization to transforming its business model.

If you would like to change the way you develop software, but you work within the confines of a closed-source, licensed product, you may feel like there is no way you could make that leap. How can you get a software company to commit developer resources to writing open-source code while still protecting its source of revenue?

In this presentation, you will learn how the speaker took a simple idea for an open-source project, got cross-functional buy-in, and tied it back to the business model in order to make the case for open-sourcing some of their code. The presentation will cover changing the way you think about open-sourcing code, gaining support within the business, and making the case for why open-source software can actually enhance your existing business model.


Joshua Marble

Joshua Marble has been a software developer for over 15 years. His experience includes software design, cloud architecture, devops, and mentoring. He recently learned Kubernetes by setting up his own ...