Lakshmi Baskaran

Lakshmi Baskaran is a Corporate Leader, entrepreneur, and a mom of a 5 year old little charm. Throughout her exciting career she has built and managed high performing Engineering teams for corporate and mid-sized companies. Lakshmi started her career as a software developer and progressed to become an ERP Architect. She spent the early years of her career building solutions that used to take months, if not years, to bring to production. She used to wonder if there is a different way to design and develop solutions faster. She worked in teams where engineers worked in isolation and the teams lacked a collective ownership towards the outcome.

When she stepped into leadership roles, one of her primary objectives was to improve efficiency of software delivery. When DevOps gained popularity and was recommended by software pundits, she worked with the engineering teams to create a DevOps blueprint for the organization. Along with her teams, she iterated to find the best form of DevOps that suited them. She is proud to have failed in few attempts and have succeeded in the rest. Her failures lead her to reinvent ideas and her successes helped her to remain positive and enthusiastic throughout the course of change.

Lakshmi Baskaran at Charlotte 2020