devopsdays Chicago - Sponsor Information

Thank you for sponsoring DevOpsDays Chicago!

The organizing committee is excited and happy to welcome you as sponsors. This event could not exist without your support.


Please share this information with your onsite teams as well. You are responsible for communicating all day-of deadlines and procedures!

Important Dates

  • July 31: All payments due (no payment = no benefits)
  • August 10: Last day to order A/V equipment.
  • August 17: Last day to register for the event and get badge with name on it.
  • August 27: First day the venue will accept packages for the event.
  • September 1-2: DevOpsDays Chicago 2020!


The event takes place Tuesday and Wednesday, September 1-2, 2020. The detailed schedule for the two days can be found on the DoDChi website. NOTE: sponsors are able to get in early (7AM-9AM) September 1st to set up. Doors open at 8am and participants breakfast will be served at 8am in the sponsor area.


All attendees, including sponsor exhibitors, are required to register for this event and wear the conference badge while in conference space. You will receive a coupon code that can be used to register your attendees. Please don’t wait to have them register once you receive your code! We’d like to have an accurate count as soon as possible. If you did not receive this code, please contact

Venue Location

UIC Forum
725 West Roosevelt Road, Chicago, Illinois 60608
Directions from ORD; Directions from MDW; parking recommendations

Shipping To the Event

Please address your boxes and materials to:

UIC Forum
725 W. Roosevelt Rd
Chicago, IL 60608
[COMPANY NAME] [Name of recipient]
Event: DevOpsDays Chicago
C/O Damien Miller

NOTE: You must ensure DevOpsDays Chicago, Damien Miller and your company name are on the box. Items can arrive any time after August 27th. If you would like confirmation on the arrival of your packages, please contact Damien Miller at

Outbound Shipping

Please plan your own shipping from the event either using FedEx scheduled pickup / UPS on-call pickup. All packages must be picked up no later than 3 days after the event.

When arranging pick-ups please inform the shipping company to pick up items at:
1234 S. Union
Chicago, Illinois 60607

The pick-up driver will need to call (312) 459-6009 to get access to the dock. Vendors will be instructed in what area of the dock to leave their packages after the event by the Event Coordinator Damien Miller.

A/V Equipment

A/V equipment can be shipped to the venue or, if you are local, brought in by your registered attendees. Rent A/V equipment from AV Chicago. To order for the event, please email to Andrew Hagen Coordinate payment directly with AV Chicago.

Floor Plan

Sponsors will be located in the first expo area/ballroom (see the floor plan above). Lunch, coffee and snacks will be served in the sponsor area.

Gold Sponsors

  • 6 foot table with two chairs
  • Power available at table
  • WiFi is shared with the conference attendees, bandwidth heavy demos are not recommended

Silver Sponsors

  • Share 1/2 of a 6 foot table with another sponsor, one chair
  • Power available at table
  • WiFi is shared with the conference attendees, bandwidth heavy demos are not recommended

The sponsor area will be set up to encourage people to hang out and enjoy coffee breaks and meals. It isn’t designed like a big trade show with aisles of booths. You should bring retractable banners instead of traditional trade show booths.

Raffle Giveaways

DevOpsDays events do not share attendee information with sponsors.

We recommend offering a raffle prize to collect contact information voluntarily. Most attendees will not have business cards, so you’ll want to have a way to capture this information.

This year we will do sponsors’ raffle prize giveaways between 1.50pm - 2.15pm on Day 2 while the organizers set up Open Spaces topics. Remember you may only announce your winner. No product pitches!

Gold Sponsors have one minute to address the main hall and the listening audience during scheduled blocks between talks. Please ensure that the content of your pitch adheres to the Code of Conduct.
This is a simple verbal pitch. No slides, banners, or other materials. We will display your company logo on the main screen during your pitch. Most folks mention their job openings/company overview rather than a product pitch.

UIC Forum Prohibited Items

Sponsors attending DevOpsDays at UIC Forum are prohibited from using any of the following items:

  • Any tape other than Gaffer’s or Painter’s tape
  • Laser pointers
  • Weapons of any kind, including mace, knives, spikes, sticks, or anything else deemed
  • Aerosol cans
  • Bottles or cans
  • Outside food or beverages
  • Noisemakers or air horns
  • Flammable items such as candles or Pyrotechnic devices
  • Balloons or helium

Code of Conduct

DevOpsDays is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. All sponsors, attendees, and marketing materials are required to abide by the Code of Conduct listed on our website.

Social Media

The conference Twitter hashtag will be #devopsdays. Please tweet, blog, and otherwise share what you learn with everyone who isn’t able to attend but could benefit from your experience!

Join us:

There will be WiFi provided for the conference attendees. Remember, WiFi is a shared resource, so please be considerate of your fellow attendees!

Note to sponsors about social media and Slack

Please note that sponsors are responsible for collecting their own leads and contact information for participants. If a sponsor abuses the social media and/or Slack channel at the event to harvest contact information, the organizers have the right to ban the organization from future events.