devopsdays Chicago - Sponsor Information

Thank you for sponsoring DevOpsDays Chicago!

The organizing committee is excited and happy to welcome you as sponsors. This event could not exist without your support.


Please share this information with your onsite teams as well. You are responsible for communicating all day-of deadlines and procedures!
Email: [email protected]

Important Dates

  • August 21: All payments due (no payment = no benefits)
  • August 28: Silver/Gold: due date for chat emoji file, pre-written Discord message
  • August 28: Gold 3 minute pre-recorded pitch video due
  • September 1: DevOpsDays Chicago 2020!


The event takes place Tuesday, September 1st, 2020. The detailed schedule for the day can be found on the DoDChi website.

Similar to our in-person events, we want sponsors to actively participate in all parts of the event. The event will flow from 20 minute talks to 20 minute breakout sessions and fireside chats. Participants will propose breakout topics in a specific Discord channel, and organizers will group people and topics together with a moderator. After each talk, participants have the choice to attend a breakout session or interact with the speaker in a fireside chat.


All attendees, including sponsor exhibitors, are required to register for this event and agree to the Code of Conduct.

Gold Sponsors

  • 2 Branded Discord channels: text and video/voice
  • 3 minute pre-recorded pitch video
  • 3 pre-written messages for the main Discord channel
  • 3 social media shout-outs before and during event
  • Logo as custom emoji in chat
  • Logo on DevOpsDays Chicago website and participant emails

Silver Sponsors

  • 1 Branded text Discord channel
  • 1 social media shout-out before event
  • 1 pre-written messages for the main Discord channel
  • Logo as custom emoji in chat
  • Logo on DevOpsDays Chicago website and participant emails

Gold Sponsors - 3 minute pre-recorded pitch video

Our main conference talks are also pre-recorded and will be streamed on YouTube Live. After each talk, we’ll be doing a live “fireside chat” with the presenter on the YouTube stream along with breakout sessions happening in Discord. When these wrap up, there is a 10 minute break. During the break the YouTube stream will be showing our sponsor videos and some other fun content we’re producing.

Organizers will post videos on YouTube for public viewing. We’ll also be posting the video into the general Discord channel for participants to watch it there. Videos are due August 28th.

The video can be up to 3 minutes long. The ideal resolution and frame-rate is 1080p and 60 fps. Videos are an ideal way to highlight your company’s culture, show off a product demo, and/or promote job openings. Please ensure that the content of your pitch adheres to the Code of Conduct.

Gold and Silver Sponsors - Discord messages

Gold and Silver sponsors have the option to submit pre-written messages for the main Discord channel. Please limit messages to roughly 100 words and ensure that the content of your message adheres to the Code of Conduct. For the sponsored Discord messages we recommend using them to announce demo times, promote your giveaways, or link to your sign up forms.
Send us the message copy by August 28th.

Discord Interaction with Participants

As a virtual event, DevOpsDays Chicago chose to use Discord for all day-of event chat. Discord has video and chat channels, with myriad ways to connect with people interactively. Silver sponsors will get a branded text channel - similar to Slack, Teams, and other chat based platforms.

Gold sponsors receive both chat and a video channel. Video is ideal for demos, small group discussions, and intimate conversations with users. For the sponsored Discord messages we recommend using them to announce demo times, promote your giveaways, or link to your sign up forms.

Watch a video guide to Discord

Notes about Discord:

  • Video channels are limited to 25 people at a time. We recommend doing giveaways in the chat channel and reserving video channels for more personal demos and chats.
  • Channels are grouped by category and can’t be organized by admins. Gold sponsors cannot group chat and video channels next to each other, for example. All participants’ view will be uniform.
  • Participants are automatically able to access all channels when they join. There is no need to add anyone to any groups.
  • Video/Voice channels are all active, but do not begin broadcasting content until participants click on the video channel name. Once you join a video channel, you will see a “Video Connected” icon in the lower right corner.
  • If you consider your Discord channels your “booth” you may want someone from your team in the video channel so it does not appear empty.
  • Code of Conduct still very much applies in Discord. Report any violations to the DoD Chi moderators and organizers. If you believe someone is posting inappropriate content, spam, or abusing your sponsor channels please reach out to Organizers immediately. Organizer names will appear in blue in the upper right corner.

Code of Conduct

DevOpsDays is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. All sponsors, attendees, and marketing materials are required to abide by the Code of Conduct listed on our website.

Social Media

The conference Twitter hashtag will be #devopsdays. Please tweet, blog, and otherwise share what you learn with everyone who isn’t able to attend but could benefit from your experience!

Join us:

Note to sponsors about social media and Discord

Please note that sponsors are responsible for collecting their own leads and contact information for participants. If a sponsor abuses the social media and/or Discord channel at the event to harvest contact information, the organizers have the right to ban the organization from future events.