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Our local team

Ben Blanquera


Bill Schwanitz


I have over 20 years experience in ‘it’. My background is more in the systems admin, devops and platform side of the world.

I have run or been heavily involved in many community related things in the past. My goal as an organizer for the SCODE meetup is to facilitate those interested in the community to create cool stuff, learn, network and put the Smart Columbus to use for public interests.

As of May 2019 I am working at DataRobot as a DevOps Engineer on the Cloud Operations team.

The single most interesting and inspiring reference I could make on how I feel about open source, maker ethos etc is best summed up by Adam Savage in his 2017 Maker Faire speech followed by his 10 commandments of making speech. Both I highly recommend ( duh, I put them in my bio! ).


Carmen Deardo


David Laulusa


David has worked at Bell Labs, SAP and whole slew of companies in between. Three years ago when he started working at SAP, his boss handed him The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim and Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble and said, ‘Read these and figure out this DevOps thing.’ And he hasn’t stopped learning since.

David has been a member of the DevOpsDays Ohio organizing committee since it’s inception. He’s also Co-Organizer of the DevOps Columbus Meetup.


Jack Maher


J.D. Santen


J.D. Santen is a developer who has been working in the telecommunications industry for over 18 years. In that time, he’s seen network growth explode and the requirements to support it become more complicated. J.D. has had a hand in building IT systems that are as resilient as the network they support.


John Lusk


Kyle Jenkins



Kyle Jenkins is a full stack developer and consultant with Improving, a software development consulting and training company in Columbus, Ohio. He assists with organizing the DevOpsDays Columbus conference. While working directly with clients to accomplish projects, he always strives to improve the quality of code and life for the team. In his spare time, you may find him at a variety of user groups around town, or online playing video games with friends.


Michael Ducy


Michael Swartzbaugh


Sherry Stebens


Sherry is an accomplished management professional positioned in the information technology field with a solid reputation as a strong leader. Proven ability to improve processes to gain efficiencies, drive for results and build solid relationships throughout all levels of an organization. Strong leader with the ability to create and execute new and/or improved processes. Consistently practice and educate the use of Six Sigma techniques and Agile methodologies to problem solve and implement solutions for the betterment of an organization.

Sherry has been a member of the DevOpsDays Columbus organizing committee since 2016.

The global core organizers support local teams.