DevOps and Organizational Success

DevOps is not just for unicorns and startups, i.e., Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google, etc., in fact, it provides more business value for traditional organizations through modernization of IT processes, software, systems, and practices, which can create efficiencies that lead to much larger potential gains. Tech debt, legacy systems, old software, and outdated data centers are all more common than not, in most organizations. DevOps can provide more value in these organizations through eliminating waste and creating efficiencies.

In this talk we will take you on an IT Journey from past to present beginning with a brief history of the culmination of events leading up to the current state of DevOps, laying out the series of events and innovations that brought us to where we are today. We will compare and contrast techniques used to manage and run IT operations, development teams, and support in organizations, through the use of methodologies such as waterfall, agile, and LEAN.

We will then dive into defining what DevOps truly means and why it is so crucial to the organization’s success, now and well into the future, citing real examples of DevOps transformations not just in unicorns but in all types and sizes of businesses. We will illustrate the connection between DevOps practices and generating real business value through the application of LEAN principles eliminating waste and leading to overall organizational success. Focusing in on high performing DevOps teams and how they are delivering value at a higher velocity than the alternatives, we will walk you through the day in the life of a high performing DevOps team, illustrate roles, responsibilities, activities and team constituency.

Creating a high performing DevOps team doesn’t happen overnight, it requires organization wide commitment from key stakeholders and a cultural shift within the organization. We will walk through a roadmap and scenarios for introducing and creating organizational cultural change, how to introduce DevOps practices, build on the momentum of small wins, and continue to build the DevOps culture in your organization one commit at a time.



Matt Braafhart


I have been an IT professional building software and information systems for over 22 years, from heads down developer to solutions architect, to manager of DevOps teams and partner in a few startups.