Jabe Bloom

Jabe has led teams and companies, as well as designed and developed software and products, for almost 20 years. He has served as a Chief Architect, Principal Technical Director, Chief Technical Officer, CEO and Chief SocioTechnical Officer. In each of these roles his focus has been on connecting creative, ideation processes with software engineering and operational excellence.

Jabe Bloom and Kevin Behr formed PraxisFlow in 2014 to explore how to enable teams to achieve significant improvement beyond simply implementing “best practices.” PraxisFlow takes a whole systems view of organizations; working with executives to understand how to leverage their entire value stream to increase throughput and flow through experimentation and engaged collaboration.

Jabe’s deep practical experience, constant experimentation, and extensive theoretical investigations and readings inform his public speaking and provide a foundational praxis for his active mentorship to a diverse group of colleagues, clients and entrepreneurs.

Jabe is currently pursuing a PhD at Carnegie Mellon University. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife Molly, his two children, Macaulay and John Emmet and an lovely old Jack Russel Terrier.

Jabe Bloom at Des Moines 2020

Jabe Bloom