GitOps as a way to manage enterprise K8s and virtual machines: feedback !

The journey to Kubernetes tends be long and tedious as it involves many changes including the CI/CD tool chain. Far from the HelloWorld demo, we will present a real feedback with a solution relying on the GitOps approach without forgetting the legacy world of traditional infrastructures ! The declarative approach — brought by the DevOps movement and enforced by Kubernetes/GitOps — brings a lot of power using Git as the Source of Truth and integrate easily in the enterprise with dozens of applications and IT environments. All these changes shake up more than ever the established assumptions, the existing tooling, the organizational structure and people. This talk is about challenges and solutions identified during our journey in which security and automation are at the heart



Yann Albou

Co-founder and CTO of SoKube, but especially addict to new technologies around Kubernetes and its ecosystem. I started as a Java/JEE developer working as a consultant and publisher. I gained solid ...sebastien-fere

Sébastien Féré


Initially software architect in the Java/JEE ecosystem, I spent 5 years in the DevOps / DevSecOps areas addressing various concerns from the Software-Factory to Production. DevOps automation is of