Mike Rosado

Many people know Mike on social media as bona fide Señor Pinky 👁️♥️2️⃣💪♀️⚙️👩‍💻 for a couple of reasons:

  1. Mister in spanish is Señor.
  2. Rosado in spanish means Pink or Pinky.
  3. bona fide means he’s sincere; without intention to deceive.
  4. The emojis that he works hard to represent mean he’s always looking for ways to increase Diversity & Inclusion.
  • 👁️ I
  • ♥️ love
  • 2️⃣ to
  • 💪 empower and support
  • ♀️ women
  • ⚙️ developing (DevOps gear)
  • 👩‍💻 code

Mike is a DevOps Enthusiast, Technical Evangelist, and a Community Ambassador who works as an Independent Consultant with customers in the United States and throughout Latin America. Mike enjoys sharing his views as it relates to the cultural movement of DevOps, and technologies that contribute to the continuous improvement. He enjoys it so much, that he became one of the integral local organizers of DevOpsDays Dallas, DevOps Live Meetup, and is an active Global Core Organizer of devopsdays.org.

Since Mike’s involvement in the DevOps space, he’s received exemplary recommendations in social media such as the LinkedIn community groups, Facebook, and Twitter. Mike’s passion in this field shines as he mentors others, and enjoys tackling challenges. Mike’s vast experience in helping Enterprise customers for 22+ years at Microsoft in various capacity serves as a base as he continues to evolve in his DevOps journey.

Mike Rosado at Guadalajara 2020