Progressive Delivery Lessons From The Trenches

In this talk, Dan will explain five key lessons to keep in mind when enabling progressive delivery of your applications.

Cloud native and serverless architectures make deployment easy - just git push or run a kubectl command and you’re done. But at scale, you need to have confidence in every release before it hits your users

Enter progressive delivery, a set of techniques that allow you to balance the benefits of continuous delivery with the operational best practices that your operations team loves and your users deserve.

This talk will cover five important principles to help your team successfully implement progressive Delivery in a serverless environment. You will learn how to avoid the “gotchas” everyone runs into when implementing feature flags, canary analysis and progressive rollouts. Dan learned all of these by making mistakes in production, attend this talk so you don’t have to!



Dan Lorenc

Dan Lorenc is a Software Engineer at Google focused on open source Cloud technologies. He leads an engineering team focused on making easier to build and deliver secure, reliable systems for ...