Don't be a slow moving behemoth, don't be a bull in a china shop!

“You can be nimble, or you can be stable, but not both” – when it comes to the management of a large technology estate, this is simply not true! Rolling out wide sweeping changes doesn’t have to be a nail biting affair. In our lightning talk, we will focus on how to allow environment wide changes to roll out to a large enterprise, in a safe, controlled manner, without the need for heavy bureaucracy. As a foundational systems provider, we are going to show how we avoid being the slow moving behemoth where changes can never get done, while we also avoid the bull in the china shop where changes are pushed out too quickly and leave carnage and destruction in their wake. We will focus on “what do we do when things blow up” – using failure as a learning event. We will go over a Post Mortem process that works well for our organization, outlining the benefits of a no-blame culture, discussing how we let the experts get to the root cause of an issue, and how we track follow ups and related tasks.



Joshua Kerchner

Joshua grew up in Brooklyn, NY with a twin brother and younger sister. All 3 attended Binghamton University, where Joshua graduated in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science. After Binghamton ...