Security in 5 Minutes: Know how to threat model, security test in integration, deploy security patches quickly and monitor for indication of compromise.

In 5 minutes I’ll hit you with what you need to implement security throughout your products full lifecycle.

  • Planning
    • Iterative Threat Modeling
    • Common Security Patterns
    • Identity
  • Development
    • Securing credentials and secrets
    • TLS everywhere
    • Tracking the software supply chain
  • Testing
    • Static code scanning for common vulnerabilities
    • Dynamic code scanning for complex vulnerabilities
  • Deployment
    • Fast deployment of patches
    • Knowing when to patch infrastructure
  • Monitoring
    • Indications of compromise
    • Tracing threat actor reconnaissance

… and more (mostly how to get help when you need it)



Mark Hahn

Mark Hahn is Ciber’s Practice Director for Cloud and Dev/Ops Frameworks. He has 25+ years of experience as a Principal Architect delivering large-scale systems, including Wall Street trading ...