2018 called, it wants its epiphany back

In a world where everyone’s bought into the serverless and k8s hype, what happens with all the workloads which have been left behind? When even VMware exists as just yet another k8s distribution company, will your leet VMware skillz go the way of COBOL programming? In 2020, is there even a reason for folks new to the profession formerly known as system administration to learn how to handle bare metal and VMs? The answers to these questions are probably no, no, and yes, but why not hear a little more about why these skills are going to be around for a good while longer and how to choose when to do a retro compute to your thing.



Shaun Mouton

Shaun is a friendgineer working on the Chef Support team by day and hopefully asleep at night. He can most likely be found in Austin, Texas, reminiscing about a time when the most complicated thing ...