HashiCorp Vault configuration as code via HashiCorp Terraform: stories from trenches

During last months Vault provider for Terraform got several major updates allowing configuration as code approach for most of the Vaults features. HelloHippo is a Terraform shop, and we were quite excited to able to apply Terraform power to Vault configuration. In this talk, Andrey will share our journey - what went well and what not so well, what you should consider before you start. On top of that, we will look into topics how to incorporate security ops (ex. secret engine credentials rotation) and configuration as code approach. After attending this talk, you will have a good idea of where to start if you decide to move the Vault config to Terraform as well as what challenges are ahead.



Andrey Devyatkin

Andrey is a long time Continuous Delivery enthusiast and public speaker passionate about software development processes automation. During the years, Andrey has worked as a software developer, build ...