Trust as foundation of DevOps

We’ve all the tools today to do high frequent deliveries in high quality. Yet many team struggle with getting into fast feedback loops with their customers, as their culture is not fast and responsive enough. Trust can help, as trust makes a team fast. We need to make trust the foundation of DevOps.

DevOps requires a cultural change. But how can a DevOps transformation work (esp. in large enterprises)? Observing many teams at several occasions, Dirk noticed that trust can be seen as the foundation of DevOps. Giving examples and concrete actions, this talk shows you how to foster trust in your team, so that applying DevOps becomes a success. The talk tries to explain the science behind trust, and how this knowledge can be applied to help us to understand how we can foster trust in a team.

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Dirk Lehmann


Dirk is a DevOps evangelist and Continuous Delivery expert at SAP.

Since 2001 Dirk worked in various roles at SAP including Development and Operations. Together with his former team “TwoGo by