Infrastructure as code in action! - How we built a platform during a cloud migration

A large application landscape, handling 96.000 requests per minute has been successfully migrated to the cloud. That migration was not only about focussing on the application. While we applied an lift’n’shift approach to the application, managing the target infrastructure became crucial. We needed to make sure that a team of 40 people was able to reproduce environments consistently across many geographies. Introducing Infrastructure as code was one of the best decisions we made.

This talk is about our journey from a client’s datacenter to a fully customized cloud platform on Azure. You will see how we used Terraform and Azure DevOps to create a platform for a connected vehicle backend.



Thorsten Jakoby

Thorsten Jakoby is a consultant for IT-Architectures and Cloud Migrations at Novatec in Germany. He is currently technical lead for an enterprise-scale cloud migration at a global automotive client. ...