Dirk Lehmann

Dirk is a DevOps evangelist and Continuous Delivery expert at SAP.

Since 2001 Dirk worked in various roles at SAP including Development and Operations. Together with his former team “TwoGo by SAP” he established the first Continuous Delivery implementation at SAP, delivering value daily to their customers (see https://news.sap.com/cloud-daily-software-updates).

In his current role, Dirk is a Cloud Quality Coach at SAP with focus on Continuous Delivery and DevOps practices

Dirk is a frequent speaker at international conferences on DevOps and Continuous Delivery and co-organizer of DevOpsDays Zurich

Contact: Twitter: @doergn Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dirk-lehmann-7712bb125/

Dirk Lehmann at Madrid 2020

Dirk Lehmann