Can a DevOps culture help avoid burnout?

Clinical burnout has several causes. Chief among them are things like absence of fairness and a feeling of being ineffective in what we’re doing.

In this talk I’ll cover some of those well accepted causes of burnout and talk about how a culture of shared ownership and responsibility will help avoid many of them.

I’ll also cover how adding new need to learn some fancy new tool and changing someone’s title to “DevOps Engineer” is more likely to make it worse.

My hope is that people will understand and be able to recognize the causes of signs of burnout in themselves and their team. They will also understand how making positive changes to their working culture can help in some situations.



Ken Mugrage

Ken Mugrage is a Principal Technologist for the ThoughtWorks Office of the CTO. Ken has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, spending the last 11 at ThoughtWorks. During his entire ...