Edward Pearson

Prior to joining DevOpsGroup, Ed gained extensive experience working with development teams in both delivery and product roles. He enjoys encouraging experimentation and innovation in teams and organisations to deliver business value.

Ed joined DevOpsGroup in 2016 and spent 18 months working in an enterprise transformation before returning to a role in Product. Ed thrives working as part of a cross-functional team and loves the challenge of working in a scaling business, where change is guaranteed.

He’s a regular speaker on DevOps, Digital Transformation and why organisations should be moving from Project to Product.

Outside of work, Ed has a habit of becoming hobby-obsessed. After several seasons as a decidedly average triathlete, he is currently spending as much time as he can (and more than he should) training to be a decidedly average ultra-runner.

Ed tweets about DevOps (occasionally), running (frequently) and his English Springer spaniel (obsessively) at https://twitter.com/edwardpearson"