Data Mesh Paradigm shift: Reshaping the data infrastructure

Data Mesh is challenging a multi decade paradigm of infrastructure and architecture to manage analytical and big data. It is challenging the underlying assumptions that underpin the existing big data architecture and infrastructure: centralization of data and separation of analytical and operational infrastructure. In this talk Zhamak shares her observations on the failure modes of a centralized paradigm of a data lake, or its predecessor data warehouse. She introduces Data Mesh, the next generation data platforms, that shifts to a paradigm that draws from modern distributed architecture: considering domains as the first class concern, applying platform thinking to create self-serve data infrastructure, and treating data as a product. She deeps dive into the characteristics of a new generation of self-serve infrastructure that converges running modern distributed operational systems with analytical data platforms; an infrastructure that supports and enables the Data Mesh movement.



Zhamak Dehghani


ThoughtWorks, Technology Director

Zhamak is a technology director at ThoughtWorks with a focus on distributed systems and modern data platform architecture at Enterprise. She is a member of