devopsdays Stockholm - Location

Virtual event

Devopsdays Stockholm 2020 will be held as a virtual event.

Break out discussions

The nexus of the event will be in Discord. The server is already open so you can check in to see that it’s working. Clients for Discord exist both for laptops and mobile phones but you can also join directly from a web browser - although video won’t work without a native app.

After each talk we’ll have break out rooms for discusisons and the afternoon Open Space discussions will also be held in these. There will be five rooms named after norse gods and godesses. There’s also the-lobby and the-main-hall to just hang out in and talk to whoever else is there. For those of us who feel audio is over rated we provide a couple of text based chat channels as well.


Our two main talks and the four ignites will be held as a Zoom webinar and should also be available on Youtube after the event. We’ll post the links here and in the Discord #announcements channel as soon as we have them.

Open space topics and voting

The topics for the Open Space discussions will be presented in Miro - and we’ll also do the dot-voting there. A link to the Miro board will be available from the Discord #announcements channel as will the assignment of topics to break out rooms.

Public transport

Feel free to take a bus or subway tour but as this is a virtual event we can’t really suggest where you should go.


Taking a walk outside is generally good for your health but whether you do so during the event is totally up to you.


This is a virtual event but this map shows the location of the building in our logo.