How cognitive biases and ranking can foster an ineffective DevOps culture

The effectiveness of working in a DevOps way and be able to progressively deliver software and gain insights comes from having a diverse group of people who, together, have a lot of wisdom and knowledge. You would expect that all this knowledge and all the feedback from progressively delivery software will be put to use co-creating and to design a model. In reality, we don’t actually listen to all the available input and perspectives due to cognitive biases and ranking. Because not everything that needs to be said has been said, we will end up with building sub-optimal software. Even worse, people don’t feel part of the solution and don’t commit to it. Good software needs all the insights and perception. If you are not aware, cognitive biases and ranking kills those insights and wisdom and kills the effectiveness of your DevOps culture!

Join us in this talk where we will explore how we can improve our facilitation skills and focus on neuro-inclusiveness. We will dive into techniques and methods from Liberating Structures and Deep Democracy the Lewis Method. We will demonstrate how you can combine these inclusive techniques with well known collaborative modelling tools like EventStorming, Example Mapping, Impact Mapping, and User Story Mapping. We will let you leave with the knowledge on how to observe sabotage behaviour, battle oppression, and to create safety in exploring alternative perceptions. We will show you how you can really let the group say what needs to be said and take a collective autocratic decision in creating software."



Kenny Baas


Socio-technical and Domain-Driven Design architect. Facilitator of visual and collaborative modelling with Deep Democracy.

A lot of knowledge is lost when designing and building software — lost


Evelyn van Kelle


Trying to make sense of the socio-technical mashup that is called software development.

Evelyn van Kelle is a strategic software delivery consultant, with experience in coaching, advising and guiding