DevOps is no Walk in the Park

Over the last years, DevOps has come out of its niche and evolved to a state-of-the-art approach for developing and operating modern software. Even traditional shaped companies like banks, insurances, or machine manufacturers, are more and more adopting DevOps. Due to the ongoing digital transformation, where companies try to convert their core businesses into digital solutions and strategies, it is a logical step to look for a better way to bring business, development, and operations closer together. The hopes for the “easy to get an all-in-one solution” are fueled by the many promises and success stories in the DevOps universe. But that is a wrong expectation. DevOps is a way to deal with the complexity, but “to do” DevOps is also a complex approach with affects a lot of decisions, behaviors, and organizational questions and is also affected by them. As humans are not so good at understanding complexity, it is tempting to fall for the false promises of tools and certifications. With picking these low-hanging fruits, especially companies with a traditional background hope to “buy DevOps.” You can´t buy DevOps, neither with tools nor with certified DevOps engineers. It seems that the gap between traditional backgrounds and the DevOps world is immense – and filled up with a lack of understanding. CALMS is the short but complex synonym for what DevOps requires for those who have already dived deep into the DevOps world. But is this enough for newbies, especially with a traditional background?

This talk will highlight that DevOps is not for free – but the investment is not only money. It will also give some insights into where inadequate organizational structures have been harmful to the success of the DevOps approach. You will learn how the wrong goals for applying DevOps will lead to fatal decisions. You will also get an overview of helpful considerations when you want to become DevOps."



Sabine Wojcieszak

Sabine Wojcieszak is the Agile & DevOps enabler for getNext IT. She helps companies and teams to find their best ways of working together. For her topics of teamwork, leadership, communication, ...