The Life of On-Call, how SRE is changing DevOps

Google did it again. They gave us another buzzword that is changing how organizations operate. Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) is both a strategy and in some organizations brand new function that helps complete the DevOps lifecycle. In this session we will talk about how the SRE function is changing the way organizations think about on-call and completing the DevOps feedback loop from prod to plan. We will cover:

  1. The rise of the SRE role
  2. How the SRE function is not rooted in monitoring and ops anymore
  3. How high-performing teams are leveraging SRE to advance their delivery chain
  4. What modern on-call looks like
  5. Best practices and Considerations

If you are in IT operations, development, SRE or DevOps this talk will help frame the overall objectives and responsibilities of the SRE function, and new ways to approach on-call.



Chris Riley


Chris Riley (@hoardingio) is obsessed with bringing modern technologies to those who need to solve real-world problems, going from unicorn to reality.

Chris speaks and engages with end-users regularly