Shifting Left on Production Excellence with Observability

My goal for this talk is to show DevOps practitioners and leaders what’s possible with next-generation observability tooling. Production should be for everyone, and there’s significant business risk in waiting to take these steps. Those risks come in the form of obvious pain like downtime as well as more insidious problems like attrition. And with rampant burnout across the industry, the way we currently operate production software is unsustainable.

Here’s a brief outline of what I plan to cover in the 30 minutes:

  • intro - DevOps means production ownership. how to make it safe?
  • what is production excellence?
  • event-based service level objectives
  • observability + progressive delivery
  • next steps - how to bring observability to your org



Shelby Spees


Shelby is a Developer Advocate at Honeycomb, where she helps developers better understand their services in production in order to deliver more business value. Before joining Honeycomb, Shelby worked