Mine Heck

Mine Heck is Account Manager Startups at Amazon Web Services (AWS). She is also a core organizer for DevOpsDays conferences that are organized in cities all across the globe.

From 2012 until 2019, she developed OlinData from a one-man consultancy firm to initially become a fully remote, small multinational with entities in Singapore and India, and then to a well-respected cloud infrastructure management consultancy with headquarters in the World Trade Center in The Hague, Netherlands.

During her experience at OlinData, as the CEO, she managed remote and on-site teams successfully, she has built a solid international network throughout Europe, North America and Asia and participated in and co-organized events and conferences worldwide.

Mine incorporated the businesses in Singapore and India, while helping to scale a start-up.

Mine plans to develop her professional life in a sales role, where she would like to work with the business and delivery teams as well as the executive team.

Mine Heck at Cairo 2021

Mine Heck