Our Mill City: Microservices, Monoliths, and Powder Explosions

The map is not the territory, the power is not the work, and the product is not the experience.

Let’s look back at the water-and-belt driven factories of pre-electrical industrialization to understand how software follows patterns we can understand and anticipate. How do factories get safer, faster, better, and happier, and how can we make those perceptual changes in our own code factories? When is it the right time to consolidate, and when is it time to break out? What are the dangers we take for granted, and what are the ones that affect our greater ecosystem? How exactly does flour explode?

This talk is for people who are curious about learning why the best way to do things never stays stable, and how we can anticipate the next best way.



Heidi Waterhouse

Heidi Waterhouse is a Transformation Advocate for LaunchDarkly. She specializes in asking questions about things you think you already understand, and looking sympathetic about the real constraints ...