Bring Your Gifts: Building Bridges to Our Local Communities (Keynote)

At George Floyd Square on the intersection of 38th and Chicago, we tell people “Bring your gifts” when people ask how they can help. Everyone has different skills and resources. Bring yours.

At the intersection of dev and ops, our work concerns human questions as much as technological ones. We’re here to break down silos, to build better systems. That work doesn’t end at work.

Here in MSP, the last year has been a case study, with proofs of concept that have real-world impact. How can we bring the skills and resources we have as tech workers to benefit our local communities? Can we take the lessons we learn from there back to work with us? Let’s chop wood, carry water, and find out.



Ian Coldwater

Ian Coldwater is a security researcher specializing in hacking and hardening Kubernetes, containers, and cloud-native infrastructure. When they’re not busy being co-chair of Kubernetes SIG ...