Infrastructure as Code: Boosting Agile Through Automation

The common challenges a company faces across the migration of their systems to the cloud are often: business continuity, data integrity and security. In order to face these challenges, the implementation of infrastructure as code greatly facilitates migration processes.

Infrastructure as code provides the ability to configure, launch and scale platforms in the cloud giving to the companies the ability to iterate faster than ever before. However, before the benefits of implementing infrastructure as code to migrate your systems to the cloud can be reaped, there are some challenges that need to be resolved. In this talk we will be sharing our experience of an migration process to the cloud and present key aspects, practices and technologies such as: Terraform, Pipelines for CI/CD and other DevOps practices, so you can take advantage of the Cloud-Age and boost the build of exceptional products.



Luis Herrera



Luis is Consultant Developer at ThoughtWorks and Community Leader at Docker. He has over 5 years of experience in creating large-scale distributed applications and integrating multiple


Armando Collazo